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 Data Shine - High Quality Photographic Images & Art

 Data Shine - PRODUCTS

 Desktop Photographic Images and Art Sets
 Screen Savers
 Custom Screen Savers - Private and Corporate 
 Stock Photos for Digital and Print Media
 Excellent Quality and Value!

 Data Shine - SERVICES

 Photograph Restoration, Editing and Retouching 
 Photo Artwork Preparation for Gifts 
 - Plates, Mugs, T-Shirts
 Photo Artwork for Awards and Merchandising
 Best Rates!

 Data Shine - FREE STUFF

 Desktop Photographic Images and Art 
 Screen Savers for PC
 Photographic Competitions

 Data Shine - PHOTO HINTS

 Learn How To Get More From Your Digital Photography:
 - Composition
 - Lighting
 - Macro and Tele Photography
 - Lenses, Filters and more ...

 Find Out More

 Selecttouch and Soft Touch Switches

 Home Automation and Multimedia Control 
 - Control your home with a touch
 - Includes TV and Large Music Library

 DVdreamtime - Photographic Resources (AUS)

 Fast, Secure and Reliable Service!
 Visit Greg's Online Shop for all your camera 
 related needs. Support an Aussie (prices inc GST)

 Romantic Forever
 Love, Romance, Relationships, Gift Ideas and more ...
Data Shine PRODUCTS   (Coming Soon!)
High Quality and High Resolution Photographic Images and Art for:
PC Desktop Art in assorted popular resolutions
Your PC desktop can be a window into other worlds. Make it something special today!
Presentations and Publications (300 & 600dpi)
Need hi-res stock photographic artwork for a brochure or publication? Don't want to browse through thousands of images? Don't want to pay outrageous fees for stock photos? See what Data Shine can offer ... at prices that are hard to beat!
Screen Savers (Windows PC) Home and Corporate
Non-Invasive Installation: Unlike many sampler, free and commercial ScreenSavers, Datashine ScreenSavers won't take over your system or reconfigure your Windows Desktop. Datashine ScreenSavers will not mess with your Windows Registry settings. Windows Vista Compliant!
Privacy: Registration is not required, but is optional if you would like news of updates - You can choose to maintain an account with Datashine or not.
Custom Screen Saver - A great gift idea!
Select images from the Data Shine collection or provide your own to create a personalised momento for some one you care about. Also great for corporate branding and/or merchansising for your business, group, society or club.
LCD (Widescreen) Screen Saver Slide Shows
Turn your Widescreen LCD TV into a true entertainment feature with Data Shine's exceptional collection of Photography and Artwork, made specifically for widescreen viewing. Discover what "eye candy" really means!
Data Shine SERVICES    ( Find Out More )
Fast, Professional and Affordable Photographic Services
Photo Restoration and Repair
Photo Editing, Retouching and Refinement
Photo Artwork Preparation for Gifts (Plates, Mugs, T-Shirts)
Photo and Artwork Preparation for Awards & Merchandising
Data Shine FREE STUFF    ( Coming Soon  )
Start your own Data Shine High Quality Photograph & Art Collection!
Free Desk Top Photo & Art Images for Your PC
Free Data Shine Screen Savers
Competitions for Data Shine Customers & Subscribers
Data Shine PHOTO HINTS     ( Coming Soon  )
Learn How To Take Better Photographs
Taking a better photograph is a choice that you can make. It doesn't require the most expensive equipment, or a science degree.
Learn How To Get More From Your Digital Camera
The Data Shine Photography Hints are there to help you explore the possibilities inherent in whatever photographic equipment you currently have.
Uncommon Answers to Common Questions
The Data Shine Photo Hints pages are based on almost 40 years of photographic experience and are presented in an easy to understand, practical manner.
Topics covered include: Photographic Composition, Lighting, Macro Photography, Tele Photography, Sunrise and Sunset Photography, Using Lenses and Filters.
Hints About Buying Your First or Next Digital Camera
Confused? Don't know who or what to believe? You are not alone!
Photo Competitions for Data Shine Customers & Subscribers
And don't forget ... the brave at heart can take the challenge and show of their talent. Competitions will be open to all Data Shine customers and subscribers (some conditions may apply). Entry information, closing times and prizes to be announced.


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